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Whatís this all about?

If youíre reading this with a bemused look on your face, wondering what this is all about then you probably arenít a member of or  If youíre not a member of said websites then you probably donít know who wonkotsane is either.  I am a Leader at, the number one programming website in existance. ďThis is quite a claimĒ you might say, ďback it up with factsĒ you might say.  Ok, I will. Microsoft (youíve probably heard of them) came to our forum to award some of our members with their MVP (Most Valued Professional) award. They rarely leave their own forums to find candidates for this award.  Not impressed?  Then you should research the MVP award to see just how good you have to be to get one.  We also have, at this point in time, over 130,000 members worldwide.  Right, Iíve finished plugging the forums and Iíll continue.  Hopefully youíll find this website funny and itíll show you that programmers are not all geeks or nerds. Honest.

All the people mentioned in this website are real. Well, they arenít really lords and they donít live in big castles (as far as I know) but they all exist.  They are all Leaders at vbCity and DevCity and are thoroughly nice chaps (no chappettes yet). Every time a new Leader is appointed (once a month) I update this site with a new story.

Ok, well if you want to put any of this into context you will have to get yourself along to or and meet the people for yourself.