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Clint La Fever

La Fever Hall

Archduke La Fever and Prince Charles at Candlewick Green Manor

Archduke La Fever at a reception for the Namibian Ambassador to Slovenia

LaFever Hall is situated in Arlington, Virginia and is home to the LaFever family. The current head of the family and business empire is Archduke Clint LaFever of Ljubljana, Lord of the Manor of Candlewick Green. Ljubljana Corporation, the parent company of the family’s business empire has its head office in LaFever Hall. LaFever Freight Services is the world’s largest live animal transportation company and owns the RMS Arlington, a Liberian-registered freighter capable of housing 14,000 live sheep for a total of 3 months. Animal Rights activists have petitioned, unsuccessfully, for Archduke LaFever to cease transportation of live animals for a number of years. A large protest organised by Greenpeace outside LaFever Hall in 1999 was rapidly abandoned when a number of employees of Ljubljana Secuity Services – dubbed “Clint’s Army” by the press – arrived for “crowd control purposes”. Ljubljana Security Services is one of the most lucrative parts of the LaFever business empire, hiring out mercenaries to shore up depleted third-world armies. Archduke LaFever was indicted in 2001 on charges of providing military hardware to Slovenia during an embargo. On hearing of the Archduke’s arrest, Dr Janez Drnovsek, president of Slovenia and personal friend of Archduke LaFever appointed him the Slovenian Cultural Attachée to the United States of America which granted him Diplomatic Immunity and, despite an appeal to the Supreme Court, he was subsequently released uncharged. Following his brush with the US authorities, the Archduke has taken to spending more of his time at Candlewick Green Manor, the ancestral home of the LaFever family in England and his summer palace in Ljubljana Province, Slovenia.