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John van Hertogenbosch

Hertogenbosch House

Sir John van Hertogenbosch was raised and lived on a mink farm 14 miles from Amsterdam until the age of 23 when he was contacted by a representitive of the Polish law firm Krvzch, Mntvcz & Plmtrvk and informed that he was the sole heir to the estate of the late Sir Roosevelt van Hertogenbosch. Sir John had been 64th in line to the title and only came to inherit the Lordship of Hertogenbosch when the other 63 heirs to the title were killed during a freak accident when a yacht they were all aboard was sunk by an iceberg off the coast of Portugal. Despite Sir John earning large sums of money through the sale of Johnís Mink Jam prior to inheriting the Hertogenbosch estate, he was virtually peniless through his gambling addiction.  When Sir John inherited the Hertogenbosch estate it was worth in the region of 12million and within 18 months of his inheriting the estate, his gambling addiction had all but wiped out his fortune. The extent of Sir Johnís losses became apparent when he was forced to convert Hertogenbosch House into a hotel to cover the cost of maintaining the building.  Sir Johnís gambling addiction reached itís pinnacle when he bet $1million on the outcome of a childrenís egg and spoon race in The Gambia.  Following this crippling financial loss, Sir John booked himself into Madame Palmís Clinic for Embarassing Addictions and emerged 4 months later a new man. Sir John hired a Tibetan Personal Lifestyle Guru, expanded his neglected Mink Farm and embarked on a huge international marketting campaign for a range of associated products such as the popular Johnís Mink Jam and the less popular Mink Shakes. Things were looking up for Sir John until he made his first foray into politics.  On the advice of his Tibetan Guru, he decided to give financial backing to a surprise US presidential candidate by the name of Abraham Clinton.  Unfortunately, by the time the CIA had discovered that Abraham Clinton was actually Abdullah Al-Mustapha, the former Taliban Minister for Justice, Sir John had already lost $3.5million.  Sir John is currently living as a hermit in a cave on his estate for tax reasons.