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Arno Vyncke

Vyncke Castle

Vyncke Castle is the ancestral home of the Duke of Flanders. Duke Arno Vynke is the 23rd Duke of Flanders, Emporer of Bavaria and Lord Admiral of the Royal Manx Navy. Although the Isle of Man has not had a navy since 1543, the Duke is still the highest naval authority in England and Wales.  Duke Arno has successfully turned round the fortunes of the Ducal estate which was, until recently, on the verge of bankruptcy. The Duke successfully negotiated a deal with the Belgian Public Television regulator which gave his company, Roeselare Holdings, a monopoly on Belgian breakfast television.  As a consequence, every Belgian television channel is now obliged to broadcast only programmes made by Roeselare Holdings from 6am to 11am.  Duke Arno is a noted eccentric whose passion for Llama’s led him to establish Europe’s largest Llama Farm.  The farm, located on one of the Duke’s Bavarian estates, is a major source of income for the Duke producing Llama wool clothing and a range of Llama burgers and other meat products.  In a recent publicty stunt, the Llama farm made the worlds largest sausage from 3001 Llama’s. The Duke has been linked romantically to a number of European minor royals and was even reputed to have had an affair with the Dutchess of York, an accusation he vigorously denied.  Duke Arno’s most recent romance is with Mavis Cobblethwaite, the daughter of an Albanian asylum seeker living in North Yorkshire.  Mavis, who is 36 and has been married and divorced 3 times so far, is a cleaner in a local slaughter house and once worked as a stripper at Stringfellows.  As Emporer of Bavaria, Duke Arno hosts the annual beer festival in Munich where his drunken excesses have served only to enhance his reputation as an eccentric.  In 2003 the Duke was given 100 hours of community service for dressing up as a French Maid, stealing a police helicoptor, flying into neighbouring Liechtenstein and announcing over the loudspeaker that they were about to be invaded by Luxembourg.