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Hotdog of Breda

Verpalen House

Verpalen House, pictured above, is located in Breda, Netherlands. The incumbent Marquess Hotdog of Breda also holds the lesser title of Lord of the Manor of Goosepillow Down in Surrey and the Earldom of Ossendrecht.  Although Goosepillow Down Manor was destroyed by fire in 1862, the Marquess still owns a number of properties in the village and regularly stays at the Verpalen Arms, the village pub where King George II was discovered in a romantic situation with Gladys, the landlords wife. The Marquess has recently married Lady Barbara van Nijnatten, and will inherit the highly profitable Duchy of Sint-Lamberts-Woluwe on the death of his wifeís ailing uncle, Archduke Marmaduke of Sint-Lamberts-Woluwe.  The Marquessate of Breda is unique amongst European titles as it includes the Netherlands Antilles within itís territory - a group of islands in the Carribean, thousands of miles from his estate.  The Marquess and his wife regularly holiday in the Netherlands Antilles , staying in one of the many hotels that they own on the islands. As well as a number of hotels, Marquess Hotdog also owns the Bank van Bespreekbare Integriteit which was at the centre of a recent investigation by the World Bank for financial irregularities.  The investigation was sparked when paperwork was discovered detailing a number of savings accounts held on behalf of Saddam Hussein and Osama Bin Laden, one account reportedly had a balance of over $3billion.  The Marquess was cleared of any involvement in the scandal at a World Bank tribunal in which both the Pope and the Dalai Lama spoke on his behalf. The Marquess is a regular guest at the Vatican and is patron of the Tibetan Anti-Capitalist Honourable Organisation Society (TACHOS) which campaigns for the liberation of Tibet.