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Knobbe of Perth

Canada Palace

Canada Palace was commissioned in 1988 by the Marquess of Perth when he moved to Australia from his native Canada to take up his new position as Life President for the Commonwealth Fish and Chips Safety Advisory Board. Before being appointed to the Board, the Marquess held a senior post at the Royal Canadian Geese Observatory which has it’s headquarters straddling the Ontario-Quebec border.  Marquess Knobbe of Perth also holds the title of Lord Neil Knobbe of Toronto and Lord Provost of the Province of Nunavut. The first Marquess of Perth was one Jeffrey “Pitbull” Knobbe, also known as Convict 3418 and was one of the first convicts shipped to Australia. “Pitbull” secretly infiltrated a rebellious group of prisoners who were plotting to murder their guards and relayed details of their plans back to the warden. The guards waited for the rebel convicts to make their move and slaughtered all 750 of them in what was later to be referred to as the Shark Bay Masacre. For his bravery, “Pitbull” Knobbe was given a royal pardon and made Marquess of Perth on the condition he never returned to England. Marquess “Pitbull” Knobbe went on to marry Lady Clementina Despicada of Toronto after a whirlwind romance and moved into to Lady Clementina’s Canadian home. When the plans to build Canada Palace were announced, a group of Aborigine’s staked a claim to the land on which it was to be built claiming it was an ancient tirbal burial ground. The Marquess won the case and his new home was built amid protests and further legal battles with the Aborigine tribe.  The rather grand home features 3 olympic size swimming pools and a full size 5000 seater underground football stadium.  As well as the 5 storeys above ground, the building extends a further 4 storeys underground and can only be reached by a private tunnel which emerges inside the compound of his newly built CanOz Corp offices 2 miles away.