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Michael Hilden

Sandtree Palace

A recent addition to the gentry, Prince Michael is from the Neuveux Riche having made his money through his online Pharmacy business. Prince Michaelís Royal Prerogative now outsells Viagra 2 to 1 and last year added $2.8m to Prince Michaelís personal wealth. Prince Michael married Princess Tilsiter of Vasherin in 2002 and was awarded the title Prince by her father King Emmental of Gruyere in an over-elaborate ceremony in which several geese were slaughtered. The couple honeymooned in Barbados before starting work on building their elegant mock-georgian house, Sandtree Palace, in the heart of California. The hi-tech home boasts a toilet-roll holder with internet access in each of the 7 bathrooms.  Part of the Sandtree Palace estate is given over to several small commercial ventures including Prince Mickyís Surf Shack and Prince Michealís joint venture with Governer Arnold Schwartzenegger - Bitchin Terminator Jet-Skiís.  Prince Micheal recently attracted criticism when he managed to compulsory purchase an entire housing estate in San Diego to build an inner city Paintball Centre. Allegations of corruption relating to Prince Michealís personal friend, Governer Arnold Schwartzeneggerís, involvement in the scheme are still being investigated. King Emmental, bestowed the royal coat of arms on Prince Micheal last summer officially recognising him as the rightful heir to the throne of Gruyere. The throne of Gruyere is largely cerimonial since the Kingdom of Gruyere was incorporated into Estonia in 1936. The King remains in exile in Sweden and hopes to one day return to his kingdom as itís sovereign ruler. Prince Micheal has already launched an appeal to the International Court of Justice to declare Estonian occupation of the Kingdom of Gruyere illegal and has successfully petitioned the governments of Lesotho and Papua New Guinea to impose trade embargoís on Estonia until the King is restored.