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Serge Baranovsky

Baranovsky Castle

Baranovsky Castle, shown above is the ancestral home of the Baranovsky family. The Baranovskyís were originally a small tribe of nomadic Ukrainian warlords who slowly migrated across the Russian plains raping and pilaging along the way.  The Baranovsky warlords eventually conquered and settled in Eastern Russia.  The family is renowned for its private army which once slaughtered 15,000 Chinese would-be invaders of the Sakha Principality of Russia which, at the time, the family ruled. During the Russian Revolution, the family handed control of its territory to the revolutionary government as part of a peace agreement after holding out against the rebels for 2 and a half years. Baranovsky Castleís present-day owner, Prince Serge Baranovsky, splits his time between the ancestral home and his mansion house in Seattle.  Prince Baranovsky was given an honourary knighthood in the 2003 new years honours for his contribution to childrens education. The Prince Baranovsky International Childrens Evangelical Technology Learning Foundation or PBICETLF for short was set up by Prince Baranovsky to promote technology learning for children worldwide, particularly specialising in teaching computer programming. The PBICETLF recently opened itís 1,000th overseas mission located in the Sri Lanka.