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Wonko The Sane

Sane Manor

Sane Manor, the ancestral home of Earl Wonko the Sane, dates back to the 13th Century and is sited in 4000 acres of protected woodland in Shropshire. The original Manor house mysteriously burnt down during the Great Fire of London although the original Gothic west wing remains. The first Earl, Henrick the Garrotter gained his title of Earl Henry the Sane after defeating Prince Marcel les Insane of France at the battle of Cleobury Mortimer in 1220. He later died in a tragic boating accident. The present Earl's father granted a large portion of estate land for the new town of Telford on the strict proviso that the car parks be named after trees. The current Earl, Wonko the Sane granted the people of Much Wenlock the freedom of Wales in 1992 where he holds the title of Knight Bachelor, Lord Protector and High Inquisitor of the Asylums of Wales. Currently, Sane Manor has the largest collection of rare orchids and is home to the National Museum of Rear Projection Televisions.