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Arnaldo Sandoval
sandoval Towers

Sandoval Towers

Sandoval Towers was built by the first Viscount of Ayres Rock, Trevor.  Sandoval Towers was built as the focal point of the Ayres Rock estate which, at itís height, covered 16,000 square acres and employed over 5,000 Estonian women.  Viscount Trevor would only employ Estonian women aged 18-25, a situation that baffled his peers and proved a bit of a sticking point with his first, third and sixth wives who all divorced him for adultery.  The Sandoval estate is somewhat more modest than it was 200 years ago, partly due to the selling-off of land to pay death duties but mainly through land settlement deals which saw at least half of the estate returned to local aborigine tribes. The current Viscount of Ayres Rock, Lord Arnaldo Sandoval, is chairman of the Sydney Progressive Institute for Thaumatology (SPIT).  Viscount Arnaldo recently managed to secure a $4m grant from the Australian government for an experiment to turn platinum into gold.  Viscount Arnaldo hid the headlines in 1994 when he was taken to court by the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) for tax evasion. Viscount Arnaldo was acquitted after a 3 year long trial when a Federal Judge declared that his cat Julian could legally own Sandoval Technologies and that animals did not have to pay income tax.  Julian lives in a small, specially designed cat house built in the gardens of Sandoval Towers and receives 24 hour care from his Mexican au-pair.  The Viscount is a cousin of President Chavez of Venezuela and is Chief Justice of the Supreme Tribunal of Justice.