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Marcus Dryden

Dryden Place

Dryden Place, the ancestral home of the Viscount of Dryden, was built shortly after the Battle of Bosworth when Henry Tudor granted the village of Sileby to his ally Viscount Ethelred of Dryden. The fourth Viscount of Dryden was killed at the Battle of Worcester when the counterweight on a trebuchet broke and fell on his head. Dryden Place became notorious in the 1960ís when the loved-up Viscount George converted it into a hippy commune. To this day Dryden Place remains on the party location A-List with the current Viscount Marcus hosting some spectacular events.  Viscount Marcus is a leading member of the Church of the Lunar Carrot, an ultra-liberal religious cult which claims to have at least 12 followers in Europe.  The Church of the Lunar Carrot believe that humans are descended from carrot shaped aliens who live on the moon and hold lavish ceremonies during a full moon when they dance naked and perform unusual rituals with root vegetables.  Viscount Marcus and his close personal friend, Lord Penkwright Cumberton-Smythe, fifteenth Earl of Hinckley, gained noteriety during their adolescent years at Fudgers School for Pretty Boys when they were found to be at the centre of a blow-up doll smuggling ring operating in the school.  The pair had managed to avoid getting caught for over 2 years until a fellow student, who they had been blackmailing over his preference for inflatable sheep, reported them to the headmaster.  The pair protested their innocence but were expelled when they failed to come up with an explanation for the 250 puncture repair kits they kept in their wardrobe.  Viscount Marcus and Lord Penkwright went their seperate ways after their expulsion with the Viscount being admitted to Eton and then Cambridge to study for his PhD in the art of Hamster Breeding. Viscount Dryden deals in hamster futures on the Peruvian stock market and has recently secured a deal to supply hamster fur underpants to Marks & Spencer.