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Chris Manning

Fort Fragglerock

The 12th Baronet of Fragglerock, Sir Chris Manning, lives in the historic family home, Fort Fragglerock.  Fort Fragglerock is most famous as the site of the Battle of Fragglerock where the 1st Baronet of Fragglerock had the entire native indian Clubfoot Nation put to death. A little known fact about the 1st Baronet of Fragglerock, Sir Augustus Manning, was that he was responsible for coining the phrases “Manning the Fort” and “Better late than never”. Sir Augustus was a successful general in the US Army and launched a successful campaign against the Clubfoot Nation who had threatened US plans to settle Florida with their pointy sticks.  He established a fort at Fragglerock, deep in Clubfoot territory, and used it as a base for attacking the native indians.  Sir Augustus captured the Clubfoot chief, Limping Mongoose, in a daring raid with only 500 heavily armed troops and had the entire male population (around 2,500 people) executed. The women of the Clubfoot Nation took up their slaughtered husbands weapons and followed the troops back to Fort Fragglerock where they beseiged the Fort.  The US Army sent a deployment of 2,000 calvary troops to relieve the fort who arrived 2 days after the women finally gave up. Sir Augustus is reported to have greeted the General of the Cavalry unit by shouting “We have been ‘Manning’ the Fort.  Oh well, better late than never”. Little is known of the fate of the Clubfoot women although contemporary reports suggest that Sir Augustus sold them to Duke Ferdinand Spano of South Carolina for an undisclosed sum.  The current Baronet of Fragglerock, Sir Chris Manning, is a qualified plastic surgeon and runs a successful liposuction and breast implant clinic in San Diego.  Sir Chris shares his luxurious home with his wife, Dame Jezerbell and their large collection of rare breed dogs.  Sir Chris was the first person to successfully mate a Greyhound with a St Bernard, an extrememly rare breed of dog which Sir Chris sells around the world for sums in excess of $10,000 each for females and $5,000 for males.