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Isaiah Williams

Hattiesburg Manor

Hattiesburg Manor is the family home of Baronet Isaiah Williams of Hattiesburg and was built in the late 18th Century. The Baronet of Hattiesburg also holds the English title of Knight of the Order of Saint Thomas of Acre which grants him certain feudal rights over the village of Felchington-on-Severn. The Manor was damaged by fire in 1998 when a light aircraft clipped a wind sock on the Manor’s private airstrip, damaging the fuel lines and leaking aviation fuel onto the building. Some fuel is believed to have fallen down the chimney where it landed on the open fire and consequently destroyed the south facing wall of the drawing room and an extremely valuable Picasso. Fortunately the family were able to replace the Citroen on the insurance. The 4th Baronet, Bartholomew Williams was a prominent 19th Century missionary who founded the Church of Saint Barbara the Impossible Mission in Australia. He was famous for saving the famous explorer Doctor Timmy Mallet from certain death in the outback. History books often quote Bartholomew's words, "linga longa in Yarrwonga, Dr Mallet?”. The first Baronet of Hattiesburg was a businessman from Essex by the name of William Wendel Williams who, at the height of his wealth and influence, owned a string of factories and shops throughout the entire south of England. From his humble beginnings as a butcher, a baker and a candlestick maker he became one of the wealthiest men in England. In 1709, William Williams purchased 3 warships from the King of Denmark and donated them to the English Navy for use in the Spanish War of Succession. Queen Anne was under immense pressure to honour William Williams for his gift but, fearful of his influence in the House of Lords, chose to make him a Baronet instead of a full-blown Baron, thereby forbidding him to sit in the House of Lords. Baronet Williams is the driving force behind the controversial Hattiesberge City Academy - an online school for double glazing and insurance salesman.