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Jason Isaacs

Isaacs Hall

Isaacs Hall in Mincing-upon-the-moor dates from the early 17th Century and was originally built as a sanatorium for upper-class plague victims. The Great Fire of London in 1666 effectively wiped out the plague and the building was purchased by the Isaacs family for the sum of 1 pound. In 1865 Major General Hamilton Isaacs was inspecting the family’s business interests in Jamaica when the Morant Bay uprising broke out. The Major General rallied the slaves working on his cannabis plantation and crushed the rebellion. A famous painting of the Major General planting a British flag in a dead native’s chest still hangs in the British Ambassador’s residence in Jamaica. As a reward for quelling the uprising and retaining Jamaica as a crown colony, Major General Hamilton Isaacs was given a Knighthood and the Lordship of the Manor of Mincing-upon-the-moor. Lord Major General Sir Hamilton Isaacs of Mincing-upon-the-moor spent the last 10 years of his life in a mental institution in Tuscon, Arizona after declaring himself the Holy Roman Emperor and declaring war on Belgium. The current Lord Isaacs of Mincing-upon-the-moor, Lord Jason, also know as “Lord Lazy Jay”, spends most of the year living in a small cottage in the ground of the family glue factory in Tuscon but for around 2 months of the year he stays at either Isaacs Hall or the family Chateau in Monte Carlo.