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Deke of Leek

Deke House

Deke House was originally built in Staffordshire, England in 1472 and is the ancestral home of Baron Deke of Leek. The 2nd Baron,a noted puritan joined the rush to colonise America where he founded the settlement of Detroit. His slightly eccentric nature and passion for frugality lead him to be known as Baron Fenugreek the Meek of Leek. His son Baron Knights of Leek arranged for the transport of Deke House to Michigan where it was reconstructed brick by brick. The current Baron, Don Deke has converted the house to include a 27 lane bowling alley and a MacDonalds franchise. The house holds the largest collection of databases in the world.  Baron Deke has many fans in the US, mainly thanks to his reality TV show, At Home with the Leeks.  The show is screened daily at 7pm on Fox and regularly pulls in audiences of 30m who tune in to seeBaron Dekeís often insane ramblings about hunting poor people down for sport and complaining about the decline of the British Empire. Baron Deke is credited inspiring the militant Michigan Unionists of Detriot (MUD) group which is campaigining for the state of Michigan to be admittited to the British Empire. CIA reports into MUD suggested that the group have links to Al Qaeda. The former milkman of the leader of MUD once met the postman of Osama Bin Ladenís former teacher whilst on holiday. Baron Dekeís is also a budding writer. His latest book, Taking a Leek with Baron Deke, has already sold 10,000 adavance copies. The book is a history of medievil toilets aimed at young children and features Baron Dekeís most famous character, Plonker the Clown.