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Richard Hare

Hare Manor

Hare Manor, situated in the West Midlands has been the home of the Hare Family since 1483. The current occupier is Baron Richard Hare who recently opened up the home to the public who flock to the Manor from far and wide to see its world-famous Beer Mat collection. Hare Manor is reputed to be haunted by Lord Crispin, the 6th Baron Hare who was murdered by his wife when she discovered him conducting extra-marital relations in the kitchen with one of the servants. The servant, referred to only as Jennifer in contemporary accounts, was sent to a local convent where she later died of a particularly virulent venereal disease. She took a vow of silence when she entered the convent and was unable to ask for the help of a doctor.  The current owner of Hare Manor, Baron Richard Wilhelm Frederich Adolf George Karl Ludwig Hare was Chief Constable of the Channel Islands until recently when he was forced to resign amid allegations that he was on the payroll of the Jersey Mafia.  Following his resignation, Baron Hare sold his strip club and massage parlours in the Channel Islands, rented his £2m St Helier mansion to Maralyn Manson and now lives on his £3.5m yacht off the coast of Portugal.  Baron Hare recently announced his intention to stand for the Presidency of the emerging African state of Western Sahara during an interview on BBC Radio 4. Suggestions in the popular press that his plans have any link to recent oil finds in Western Sahara and Baron Hare’s 37% stake in oil exploration company Al-Hobinaba have been vehemently denied by Baron Hare’s spokesman, Jeffrey Archer.