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Robert Exterror

Rockville Hall

Rockville Hall in Montgomery County, Pennsylvania, was built in 1770 for King George III and was intended as his official residence in the United States. During the American War of Independence, General Montgomery Exterror was made a Baron and given Rockville Hall for his famous victory at the battle of Rockville. General Montgomery narrowly escaped being stripped of his title when he was discovered, at the Kings Garden Party, behind the bandstand with the Dutchess of York with a pair of Stars and Stripes underpants around his ankles. It later emerged that the pair had been drugged and the whole charade had been staged. The current occupant of Rockville Hall is Baron Robert Exterror of Rockville who has ambitious plans for Rockville Hall. A large oil field was discovered in the grounds of the Hall in 1984 and the Baron recently negotiated a multi-million dollar deal to grant oil exploration rights to Shell. Other plans include a Goose Farm and a Nudist Colony.  Baron Exterror has become more reclusive in recent years and has only been seen in public once or twice since taking up his hobby of restoring classic BMWs.